Accounting Services

At ZOMMA Group, LLP, we have the dynamic team and suite of services to enable both, ensuring your business can stay true to its core while adapting at a moment’s notice.

Business Management

 Practical advice to advanced financial expertise, our business management practice encompasses companies of every size across multiple industries, including construction, education, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, and legal.

Through our deep expertise and custom approach, we will help you create the strategy and advantage you’re looking for to grow the business you envision.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Bill Pay Services

Business Advisory Services

Cash Flow Management

Business Valuations

Transforming complex factors into a clear conclusion–this is the heart of our business valuations practice. Every business is different, and everyone views their business differently–where one party sees an opportunity, another may see risk.

Arriving at the right business valuation requires understanding what makes a company unique and which value drivers best define it, coupled with deep industry expertise and the proper appraisal credentials. ZOMMA Group brings it all to the table, ensuring you, the business owner, and any outside parties can arrive at a shared understanding of what your company’s worth.

Purchase, sale or merger
Buy/sell agreement provisions
Ownership transactions and transition planning
Retirement support
Fair value measurements

Assurance Services

For financial success, you have to have strong fundamentals. Our comprehensive attest services ensure that clients have the right processes in place to report and analyze their growth. When a deep dive is needed, our expert attest practice will conduct independent external audits of financial records and statements to make sure the implementation of strong internal controls are being followed which will facilitate compliance with required professional standards.

For all your audit and attest needs, we can help you build a plan for proactive and enhanced operations across the board.

Financial statement compilation
Financial statement review
Financial statement audits
Federal and state single audits

Yellow Book Audits

ERISA audits
Cash flow projections and strategic planning
Internal control system analysis
Agreed-upon procedures

Construction company audits for bonding

Non For Profits

Peer Review

Peer review is an essential part of a CPA practice, inviting credentialed, objective professionals to monitor a firm’s assurance practice and affirm its compliance with professional standards. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), as well as the state CPA societies, require its members who are engaged in performing auditing and accounting services to be peer-reviewed every three years by a certified peer reviewer. As qualified peer reviewers, ZOMMA Group has provided clients with efficient, cost-effective, and productive peer reviews for over 20 years.

Ethical requirements
Firm leadership for quality
Client acceptance and continuance
Human resources
Engagement performance