Stay Home, Stay Safe.

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Covid-19 Updates

In times of uncertainty, we as accountants are here not only to help you rest assured with finances but also with anything else you may need.

At ZOMMA, we always treat our clients like family and we are here to listen to all of your concerns.

Sometimes, everyone needs to vent and feel connected—and this is what we are reinforcing now more than ever with the unfortunate circumstances that surround us all. We may be stuck at home, however this is the time to appreciate the good that we have—our families. This is a reminder we may all need: Enjoy it, breathe the clean air, walk, play games, watch TV shows, and of course drink good wine!!!

Accountants are typically depicted as boring, serious and soulless, but here at ZOMMA we have been doing Virtual happy hours, we have stayed connected with our ZOMMA Family; co-workers and clients alike!  We are here for you!!

Please reach out to us whenever you want.  We are all working from home.

Stay home and stay safe!